Industrial Building Material

Partnering with Zamfas International and Araij, Afriwest now offers a broad spectrum of industrial building material. Araij and Zamfas supplied various products to Burj Khalifa (the world's tallest building) in Dubai, UAE as well as several phases of the Al-Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar. Having over 37 years worth of extensive experience in this area, we represent reputed manufacturers mainly from Europe and USA in the Middle East, North and West African Countries and play a value added role within the large gap always found between the manufacturer and the local end-user/distributor.

A comprehensive report on our principles and past projects are available for review. Below are a few of the key principles we represent in the Middle East, North and West Africa.

A leading manufacturer from Spain of metal fasteners for large-scale engineering and construction projects. (

Rilco Manufacturing
Manufactures and distributes a wide range of pipe supports, including low and high temperature insulated pipe supports, variable and constant spring hangers, snubbers, as well as numerous types of steel fabrication. (

Stainless Drains
Manufacturer of superior stainless steel drains and drain products. They use lean manufacturing methods, which allows them to provide the customers competitive pricing on every job, whether big or small, standard or custom (

Belgian foundry specialised in cast iron for road construction.(

A full range of drainage channels in polyester concrete from loading class A15 until class F900, with galvanised slotted/mesh gratings and ductile iron gratings. (

Producer of composite covers, made of polyurethane reinforced with fibreglass and very light considering their dimensions and load capacity. The covers can be handled most easily by one single person, without mechanical help. (

Manufactures a complete line of quality cast iron and PVC specification drainage products that are available in a variety of finishes and are offered with a multitude of optional features.(

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